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h . >> it is happening in watsonville where small plane has crashed into the watsonville community hospital. the hospital is at the corner of nielson street and airport boulevard blocks from the municipal airport. 2 people are dead. witnesses tell the san jose mercury news that plane, similar to this one, took a nose dive and landed partially into the first floor of the building. now we spoke to just few minutes ago with spokesman with the faa. >> the aircraft apparently crashed into if a building at the watsonville community hospital. it appears that it was unoccupied office building. we don't have any reports of injuries on the ground although there were 2 fatalities on the aircraft. >> we have notified ntsb and faa investigators and they will be making their way to the crash site. >>reporter: again 2 dead in watsonville. fire officials
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are evacuating parts of the hospital. watsonville community hospital we have a crew there and ready to report in just a few minutes. hope to get more information to you just as quickly as we can. we move on to other news but will go back there as soon as we get more information for you. >> move in tox woman who endured the unimaginable and emerge with powerful lessons on life that really resonate with all of us. j.c. dugard kidnapped as child spending 18 years in a back yard cell for all intents and purposes. now for the first time she is speaking out and here is her exclusive interview with diane sawyer. >>reporter: this is how she looked last time we saw her. j.c. lee dugard 11 years old. girl who loved her mom. her little sister. and a cat named monkey. fifth grader who set out for the school bus one morning where she was kidnapped by a convicted sex predator
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philip garrido who handcuffed her. raped her. imprisoned her and she gave birth twice in a deranged back yard. for 18 years she was never allowed to say her name. on the day her first child is born she is alone in her back yard prison. august 18th, 1994, you are how old. >> 14. >>reporter: you are in labor and there's nobody there. having a baby until a back yar yard. >> 91 i did. if very painful but if then i saw her f.she was about beautiful. still felt like i wasn't alone any more.
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sf had somebody else that was mine. if i wasn't alone. fill knew could i never let anything happen to her. fill didn't know how i was going to do that but i did. >> in her story of survival, lesson for every person alive. i'm trying to imagine the how l if you are coping. i'm trying to imagine i don't know. i can't imagine being beaten to death, you know. but you can't immanuel being kidnapped and raped. you know. so it's jus just, you just do what you have to do. to survive. >>reporter: 18 years later a stunning reunion. with the mother who loves her but
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remembers something she forgot to do for her child tl that day 18 years ago. >> i have been late to work 3 monday mornings in a row and i was focused on myself. trying to get myself out that door. so i wouldn't be late for work. and i chose not to go in an kiss my girls goodbye that morning f.wanted to be on time. if and for 18 years if i kick myself for not if kissing the baby goodbye. >> how could you have nochbility can't beat yourself up about that. >> no. if but it's a good lesson. you know. take a minute for your kids. if do that extra thing. maybe
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inconvenience to you but is important to them fivrjts you can see the entire enter view in two hour prime time special sunday night at 9:00 over on abc 7. you have a sense there. very powerful stuff. well an incredible medical story tonight. the first transplant of synthetic organ grown from a patient stem cell. and the once terminally ill patient now cancer free. the man here had cancer in the wood pipe. tumor growing there had become too large to remove and he could not wait for human donor. that's when surgeon thought to use a synthetic organ. doctors used stem cell from the patient hip to grow cells on a man made windpipe. perhaps critical the patient's body did not reject this devic device. man told the bbc he was afraid certainly but he knew without the transplant he would die. fichlts scared.
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very much scared f.between living and fought living. >>reporter: this is considered a landmark achievement for regenretive immediate. patient no longer has cancer. doctors say he should have a normal life expectancy. in fact after month stay the man is expected to leave the hospital tomorrow. back here we learn today about a bacterial outbreak at california pacific medical center that led to the shut down of 2 floors of the hospital in san francisco. 10 patients were infected with the germ known as c disk and became violently ill. this happened in late june. dollars were closed for 5 days of cleaning. 9 of the patients have since been rae leased. one is still in the hospital. healthy people don't usually get sick from c disk but apartment box make people more vulnerable to the bacteria. >> some landlord in san francisco are concerned tonight about a proposal they say would force them to rent to ex cons. city human rates commission
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wants to change city code as way to keep former offender on the right track. carolyn tyler way to keep former offender on the right track. carolyn tyler tonight has the story >> lafayette works in the garden outside the san bruno jail. just released from the facility back in january. and now desperately needs housing. but says no one will rent to him. >> if they want credit report and police report and it's just hard. you have a felony, i don't know don't get a call back. >>reporter: city human writ commission wants to add people like thomas those with arrest and conviction tl records and when it comes to pro interest had gone housing discriminatio discrimination. >> what we are diagnose is giving people a chance to turn their lives around. >>reporter: teresa sparks is executive director of the commission. we are not going to force someone something down their throat if there'sa legitimate reason but just because they were arrested 5 years ago or 10 years ago and
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if they haven't done it again yes that's not a reason not to rent to them. >>reporter: new proposal has support of the sheriff's department, da and others who say studies show stable housing and employment reduce recidivism but landlord are talking about suing. >> the city of san francisco is again trying to legislature tl in an arena that is controlled by the federal government. >>reporter: she is executive director of the san francisco apartment association. she believes the federal law is already clear. >> you captain discriminate against people when they come to rent an apartment. continued the current federal fair housing law fichlt so would that make this moot point. >> in my opinion it would. >>reporter: but this father of 4 says he keeps getting turned away. >> it's hard. tl just got to keep looking and keep trying. >>reporter: human rights commission anti-discrimination
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proposal include employment as well as housing for former offender. 2 public forum later this month so that you can weigh in. we have the information on our web site. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. more to bring you at 9:00. san francisco big dig coming u up. what some tl say transportation salvation and say it could stretch the city to a breaking point. >> i'm in sacramento state legislature took significant step today towards abolishing the death penalty. california voters will have the final say. >> accu-weather forecast center. weather takes a turn this weekend.i'll have all the details in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> also tonight. kids risking their lives doing crazy dare devil stunts. lack at some disturbing trends on on line devil stunts. lack at some disturbing trends on on line videos. stay with us. 
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>> there is new push to abolish the death penalty inin califor a califofornia. this time the argument are not focused on n te morale or ethical issue surrouounding it ones. capitol correspondent annette reports from sacramento. >> california voters could decide next year the fate of more than 700 notorious criminals. currently locked newspaper san quentin death ro row. >> capitol punishment is an expensive failure. >>reporter: public safety committee approved initiative slated for november 2012. that would abolish the death penalty in california. making most severe punishment one could ge gets life in prison without parole. it would apply not only to future crimes but also change the sentences of those already on death row now to
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permanent imprisonment. instead of using morale argument death penalty penalty opponent say we simply can not afford 184 million dollar a year price tag. >> death row is the largest and most expensive in the united states here in california. it is not helping protect our people. it is helping to bankrupt us. >>reporter: recent report by federal judge found the death penalty has cost taxpayers 4 billion dollars since it was reinstated in 1978. and only 13 people have been executed since then. none since 2006 because lethal injection is being legally challenged. she lost her twin boys in east oakland shooting 11 years ago and she think that is money could pay for more officers. >> my boys case remain unsolved at the time moment because of lack of funding. >>reporter: but law enforcement strongly opposes abolishing the death penalty because they believe it's a deterrent and helps save cops lives. >> if somebody is going to kill
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a cop they know they face a death sentence. it's going to protect that police officer. >>reporter: victims rights groups are upset about the possibility of changing the the sentences of death row inmate to something they consider lighter. >> how do we go to them and say that although you thought you received justice, sorry, we are going to take that away now. >>reporter: governor brown opposes capitol punishment. if the bill gets on the desk it will be interesting to see what he does because that a poll last year nearly 3 and 5 of the supporters favor the death penalty. the in sacramento, abc 7 news. tl san francisco central subway plan need to be scrapped and redesigned. that's the recommendation of civil grand jury. the report released today says the project does in the answer the city transportation problems and doesn't reduce operating expenses. the 1.6 billion dollar subway designed to extend muni metro service from the financial district to china town. but the report criticizes this proposed route
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saying it could worsen muni on time performance rate. grand jury also predicts new subway will add to the city deficit and may push transit maintenance to quote the breaking point. >> construction project to talk b.federal judge has ordered cal-trans to stop its plans to realign a highway through old growth redwood. highway 1 goes right through richardson grove state park at humboldt county. cal-trans wants to widen parts of the road as we reported to allow larger trucks to come through. envinmental sued saying the project will damage tree root and may kill several thousand year old redwood. cal-trans believes it can do this work without serious harm to the tree however but now a judge has issued a preliminary injunction ordering cal-trans to stop work until a hearing is scheduled for december. cal-trans spokesman says they are disappointed but standby their plan to widen the highwa highway. >> all right. let's focus now on the weather forecast a little closer to the weekend
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and things are changing a bit. >> things cooling down approach the weekend. pretty warm all weekend long especially in the inland area but pleasant. live view from the high definition mountain tam camera lacking out over the bay. we have had some fog pushing through the golden gate work its way across the bay tonight but not very wide spread. sky mainly clear. this afternoon this was the view we saw fog clearing away from the coast line north of u us. thanks to nice dry flow of northerly winds and that fog will continue to be swept south ward tomorrow so it warms up a little bit inland. right now 82 degrees at i can't i don't care. warm spot. we have mainly 60's and 70's in other inland locations. 60 across the bay at oakland. 55 in san francisco and highlights here. fog on the coast pushing locally into the bay tonight. another warm day inland tomorrow and then cooling down across the entire area this weekend. overnight we see low temperature dropping mainly into the mid 50's but in the inland east bay we see upper 50's around 60 in antioch so that is the mildest spot around
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the bay area. satellite image shows very interesting licensement of systems setting up here. center of high pressure is pushing eastward nosing inland as it does so the clockwise circulation around the high will produce a northerly flow down along the coast line for us and will sweep the low clouds and fog away and allow for sunny skys to develop from the coast inland area tomorrow and thus warm weather again inland. all forecast line animation fog disappear by midmorning so we have sunny sky from his the coast to inland area. high pressure reaching into the low mid 60's along the coast. 70's mainly around the bay. mainly couple day and low mid 90's in the warmest inland location tomorrow. that's the last day of mid 90's for awhile. south bay high pressure mainly in the mid to upper 80's tomorrow up to 88 at campbell. but probably about 90's saratoga. 92 at los gatos. peninsula we see high mainly in the low 80's redwood city to palo alto and mountain view 78 at san mateo o. 75 at millbrae. low 60's on the coast at pacifica and a
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half moon bay. in and around san francisco high of 69 degrees downtown. 63 in the sun set district. north bay high 84 san rafael and virginia is a lay oh, and petaluma. 90 at calistoga. 88 at santa rose. 91 at clover dale. nearest bay high 71 at berkele berkeley. 74 at oakland. 81 at fremont. inland east bay will sizzle once more perhaps last time for awhile. mid 90's mainly 94 at concord. danville antioch and pleasanton. monterey bay high at 75 watsonville. 76 at santa cruz. inland bit warmer. 94 at morgan hill. 93 at gilroy. accu-weather 7 day forecast so the big time cooling begins on saturday and by sunday we lack at string of days during time which time high pressure will not reach above 85 or 86. high around the baylow 70's and high on the coast only 58 to 60. it will be pleasant. not cold. cooler than it has been recently. >> beats 100 though. >> certainly does. even 95
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let's 100. >> as we continue tonight. what happened in east bay courtroom today not sitting well with supporters of medical marijuana. that story next. >> plus the ancestor of modern polar bear. call it a touch of >> plus the ancestor of modern polar bear. call it a touch of the irish. stay  i tell ya, i work a long day, every day.
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i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. like the at&t all for less package, starting at just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better. >> there it goes. bridge that has spanned the river in pennsylvania for more than 100 years is no more. just lick that. crews will sal vandal the steel from the old bridge. new 23 million dollar span opened to traffic in this area this past march. nasa final space shuttle launch ever is running into
9:23 pm
some problems. the rain has threatened to delay atlantis launch and lightning strike near the launch pad caused some brief concern. here's a live picture from cape canaveral. lightning bolt hit a water tower about 500 feet from the launch pad but engineers say the space ship is okay. there is only a 30 percent chance of favorable weather tomorrow. nasa has until sunday to get atlantis into orbit otherwise it there's wait until next weekend to launch. >>. >> medical marijuana supporters demonstrated outside the federal building in oakland today. inside medicine pot grower is facing federal charges. all of this comes as the justice department signal there could be a crack down on the cultivation of pot even for medicine purposes. here's the cecelia. >> we are patients not criminals. >>reporter: protestors chanted outside oakland federal building as hearing went on inside to determine the fate of scott bail. late county resident was legally allowed to grow medical marijuana by the
9:24 pm
state. but he's now facing federal drug charges. neither he or the feds would talk but the supporters say no plea deal was reached today and it appears the man is headed to trial this court case has gone on for almost 3 years now. it has taken every penny that scott has in order to defend himself. >>reporter: what happens here today is just the second set back of late for medical marijuana supporters. obama administration made it clear last week it will not allow large scale growing operations even if state law allows them n.a letter to federal prosecutors deputy attorney general james cole wrote persons who are in the business of cultivating selling or distributing marijuana and those who knowingly facilitate such activity are in violation of the controlled substances act regardless of state law. >> i think it will give some elected officials pause and slow down some but some will stand up. >>reporter: that's exactly what oakland appears to be doing. the city was
9:25 pm
considering allowing growers to open 4 enormous marijuana warehouses. and despite the letter the city council public safety committee will still consider next week a scale down version. limiting the space to 25,000 square feet. the mayor says federal letter did not help clarify the legality for city like hers. >> it has been an ongoing struggle to try to get the state laws and the federal laws 'n sync and so it is another ongoing part of this battle. >>reporter: so for oakland, medical marijuana continues to be a hazy issue. this is abc 7 news. and when we continues tot. media barren rupert murdoch some papers 35 on selling scandal but tonight his entire global empire is rocked by a scandal of its own. >> plus why people are suddenly spending more and what that really means for the economic recovery. >> and the classroom used to be all about the 3 r's. tonight
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>> good evening once again. thanks for joining us. begin this half hour going back to the top story. fatal plane crash. it happened tonight at the watsonville community hospital as you can see on the map. corner of nielson street and airport boulevard. small plane light plane crashed into the hospital. we understand 2 are dead. lisa is there live tonight with the very latest on this. one us through what you know. >> dan we are here just outside the hospital. the plane itself actually is just behind me i'll move out of the way sow can see as scott pushes into it right
9:29 pm
now and we are also just a few miles away from the airport itself and the plane crashed into the hospital's administrative offices just after 7:30 which really was just a few moments after the pilot took off from watsonville municipal airport. witness say the 4 person passenger plane a muni single engine nosedived and landed in the building. this the is like i mention just a little ways away from the airport which is east of here. according to emergency dispatcher the men 2 passengers are dead. no one on the ground are inside the of thes or hospital was hurt. crash started a fire and burst in flames after landed. fire now out. also learning the plane was registered out of santa cruz. it's not clear however if the plane pilot communicated with anyone before the crash and faa is also on the way to investigate this entire situation of course crews will be here for several more hours trying to figure out what exactly happened. live in watsonville, abc 7 news.
9:30 pm
all right thanks very much. update us with a life report on 7 news over on channel 7 as well. lisa thank you. >> biggest newspaper in england brought to its knees. news of the world is folding paper is owned by rupert murdoch including fox news and wall street nurnl as you probably know. kaufman on the scandal caused by tabloid reporters. >> new ought world for years the biggest english language newspaper in the world is dead. desperate manufacture by the world biggest media tycoon to contain a scandal that has sustained his entire global empire. >> nothing to say at this stag stage. >>reporter: rupert murdoch reporters hound people for stories was in sun valley hide today where he was tight lipped. >> i'm not making any comments. >>reporter: that was left to his son and heir. >> we now know that the practices that are being discussed that we are talking about here were such that
9:31 pm
fundamental breached a trust with our readers. >>reporter: nothing it seems would stop the new to the world pursuit of sensational headlin headline. 2002 britain riveted by the story of 13-year-old milliony who had vanished. it was revealed the paper listened to her voice mail deleting old me make room for new ones. that activity gave her family and police hope that she was alive. false hope. she was later found murder. >> appalling absolutely apaul. >> outrageous. it really is outrageous. >> there's more. 6 years ago today terrorist bombings in london killed 52 people. on this anniversary grieving family learn the newspaper hacked the cell phone strolling for intimate details. one cell phone belongs to the folks who lost their son. >> it's a violation. i still don't know what i think about it. other than i'm really angry. really angry. >>reporter: it gets worse.
9:32 pm
today allegations that the paper hacked voice mail of the family of british soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan. paul was a reporter and editor at the news of the world. >> it was certainly a really commonplace to practice. >> this is beyond the murder dock empire. it was revealed london police were if selling scoop in exchange for bribe. there are allegations that praiment turned a blind eye even though he knew what was going on with murdoch. >> jeffrey reporting. advertisers have been pulling their business as details have come to light. word that former editor and senior journalist will be arrested tomorrow. >> new signs tonight that the economy on the rebound. some of the numbers look very encouraging but of course when it comes to the economy as we have learned recently looks can be deceiving. rebound in retail sales and strong jobs reports push stocks near highest level of the year. the
9:33 pm
doi dow jones up 3 points finishing at this number, up several points up from only a few weeks ago. one month retail sales provide a snap shot but a trend any more than stock prices on a single day? more on that here's david loui louie. >> retailers have always known what 4 letter word gets people to spend. high double digit discount in june produce the biggest one month right in sales in 12 years of 6 and a half percent. some stores did better such as costco with 14 percent jump. also leading the pack were sachs, sooum ies, nordstrom and cole. spending spilled into other areas. >> customers j jumping on to the smart phone that some cost to 300 dollar phones and. >>reporter: economy may not be all rose yes yet. we spoke to golden gate university by skyp skype. >> i don't think it's that sudden my people are feeling fancy free with the money.
9:34 pm
it's really snapping autopsy bargain? a . >>reporter: people loaded down with shopping bag here and moms like amy with 4 kids in tow. on move by the deep discounts. i try not to buy. i used to do that. and would i buy a ton of stuff and hen half of it would never even get used. >>reporter: her student rachel rose facing higher tuition fee and become cost. >> i have to pay rent and things like that. i don't have the money to spend on l nice clothes or a bunch of is pretty jewelry. >>reporter: retailers may have to raise prices soon as their cost rise. >> between the very high price that they are facing for all of the of component of the product that they want to sell and the very super bargain mentality of consumers they are between a rock and a hard place. >>reporter: owner 24 mobile phone kiosk. sales are improving he says. even restoreded sales job to cut
9:35 pm
during the downturn. is the recession over. >> i would say we have had a pretty good bounce back butt recession is not over. >> we will take positive economic news but have to protect the city 7 news. >> officials at silicon valley only seaport planing up great in the hope of bringing in more shipping traffic according to the business journal there project would replace the wooden wharf at the port of redwood city with concrete doc docks. they hope to have it done this summer. >> menlo park says it has developed a new test for determining the risk of cervical cancer. promises results with 98 percent accuracy biannualizing individual cells. test cost about 20 to 30 dollars. warrior remodeling their headquarters at oracle arena. roj equity expected to would say one and a half million dollars hope to have it here at the end of the print edition of
9:36 pm
the silicon valley business journal. picasso pinched from the wall of the san francisco art gallery is in police custody tonight. so is the suspected they have. surveillance video helped san francisco police idea and track down the suspect in less than 28 hours. the piece you are about to see from don sanchez. >> i have been so scaled the last couple days that something would happen to the by cast oyshtion he's relieved that the work of art was not damage. he l l pencil drawing from 1965 worth around 250,000 dollars. police have arrested 31-year-old mark lewis of new jersey. they say he walk into the gallery. took the work off the wall. left and grabbed a cab. he was captured on this l video l next door. >> helped us it tie the if helped us locate where mr. lugo
9:37 pm
was staying. >> lugo stays at the hospital fourth and market but not there. they found him visiting friends at an apartment in nap a.that's where he was arrested and where police recovered the drawing and fedex box. they say it appears that he was send the drawing somewhere possibly to a buyer. >> it's not anything would you ever take to market. >> video has been important tool in solving the case. >> would i encourage any business in the city really l anything you can do in the way of installing videocamera only help us make our investigations more expeditious. >>reporter: union scary business to put come are on street. they had rallied to support wine stein. >> we have a deech patch sniing and we set out an alert and it says this just happened. be on the look out. >> wake up call for us. >>reporter: wine stein says security increased. installing camera. changing how hard it
9:38 pm
is attached to the wall but won't change how he does business. >> make the work available to the public you can walk by easily accessible. before a girl early he didn't know he actually stole it and mean time logo 5 million dollars in county jail this is abc 7 news. >> oakland where the police union has voted overwhelmingly today in favor of new contract with the city. the teal calls for officers to begin paying 9 percent into their pension and a hold on raises for several years. in exchange there will be no police layoffs for the 4 new year's. in addition to that the officers will be given back some holiday concessions as well. this is a huge financial hit for most of our members. >> 81 cease officers will lose almost 15,000 dollars per year under the new contract.
9:39 pm
however renegotiated contract does guarantee that oakland will rehire laid off police officers and again no fort lauderdale 4 years. san francisco medical has identify the mat shop and killed in the civic center station sunday night. he its 45-year-old charles hill who had no known residence. passenger who witnessed the shooting told the bay citizen that will was definitely not running or lung lunging at the 2 bart of swhors shot him. about he was described as quote drunk hip who move like franen stein. bart is in the process of this. >> more to come tonight. crazy stunts on camera as we continue. kits make movies to make money. we are going inside the world of these 3 make money. we are going inside the world of these 3 seeker.i'll be happy seek
9:40 pm
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>> uc berkeley named no. 2 university in the world in academic. this year academic ranking of world university harvard takes the top spot. berkeley no. 2. followed by stanford at no. 3. then mit. cambridge university in britain round out the top 5. ucla tak takes the 11th spot. rankings
9:43 pm
based on quality of education and faculty. looking at number of factors including alumni and staff winning the nobel prize and how often university researchers are cite entered publications. >> while talking about learning and education is the keyboard completely replacing the pen? effective this fall elementary school teaches in indiana will no lodger be required to teach students occur as i have handwriting. option is voluntary. stunts now expected to be proficient in using the keyboard. kid there say that idea is personal. parents say that cursive is as important as the other r. reading and math. >> talk about young people. now to risky new trend caught on camera. amateur stunt vide video. teenagers risking their lives and posting it all on line to get paid. andrea reports now on this growing phenomenon.
9:44 pm
>>reporter: fight under don't rye this at home. tackle a tread mill with pogo stick. attempting to jump over a car. pl running into fire. pl attention across the country try to top each other with the ultimate daredevil dare and there is a name for this type of stupid ty is a homegrown viral video stunt man. >> just mom videocamera and do a stunt in the back and friend pishltion jumped off a tree on to a table 20 feet high on mouse traps. >>reporter: what is the incentive beyond getting a few laughs. about teens like lee are actually cashing it making up to 600 dollars a video. every time we feature a new video paying you for money. paycheck left and right. >> he won't say how much he has
9:45 pm
made about claims people are bringing in 50 $1,000 dollars a year and there are sites too. one aptly named stupid vide nothing quite as elaborate or daring as the stunt in the jackass movies. about but for these homegrown stunt men it can be just as dangerous. leach nearly killed himself after jumping off this 30 foot fence. >> i hit my head, head first and my spinal flute. >>reporter: tune you could kill yourself. >> i'm not dangerous. >>reporter: but still doing that after that. >> well i have slowed down the other kid from copying him? how would you feel if one of these teens cease you. decide they want to do it too and they get killed, will you feel bad or spoychbility i wouldn't feel bad lick it was my fault but with everything in live there is risk.
9:46 pm
>>reporter: abc news new york. >> up necessary. he will no longer july anything higher than no moving cars. mother now regrets signing consent form when she was a teenager. she does. come up here. original mama bear. common ancestor to every polar bear aare live. it isn't even a pair from them the
9:47 pm
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chevron with techron. care for your car. it's hard work; i need a nap. by. >> that time of year. thousands of thrill seekers flock to pamplona, spain for annual running of the bulls. today first run went off actually without anyone being gored but 4 people taken to the hospital after being injured in the sprint for their lives. festival lasts until july 14th. l scientist have traced the genetic history of positive already bears. turns out they are all descended from a single female brown bear from ireland that lived during the last ice age. researchers say the inner breeding occurred as the 2 speed crossed mravts as the weather cooled. it was the dna that is passed down the female line. scientist thought the polar bear descend from bears
9:50 pm
in alaska. breeding between species may be a way by which they deal with more habitat during periods of environmental l deterioration. journal current biology has the full study. all right. let's go back now to spencer christian to update the forecast. getting a little cooler. warm for the polar bear. >> right about. that a little warm for polar bear. we like this. time lapse view from high definition mount tam camera. out in the bay. fog still training to push out over the bay are tonight. not pushing far inland. high today still pretty warm in i hope some inland location especially 94 and antioch at power and south highs of use it wasn't newly in the north bay. high tomorrow will be in the 90's up at clear lake. more heat in the inland east bay mid 90's at antioch, concord and livermore and toring at 94 hills maybe
9:51 pm
70's around the bay and 60's on the coast and if looking towards going to the sierra weekend encounter sunny skies. warm conditions at tahoe and here's our 7 day forecast. cooling did you know over the weekend. after saturday see inland high remaining in the 80's. around the baylow 70's and only 58 to 60 on the coast for about 5 days. >> very good thank you very much. >> let's go to collin and all of the sports. seems everything tonight went it comes to a's is somber. mourning theless of legendary figure tonight. san francisco barry seat 0bringing it again for third straight start was it good enough for a split with the padres? good enough for a split with the padres? that's next. @
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00 we return to watsonville live where investigators try to figure out why a small plane suddenly nosedived into a hospital building. 2 people at least are dead. >> survivors of that capsize fishing boat are saying goodbye and heading home. ordeal finally coming an end for 16 of the men. but there is more work to be done. those stories and more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you can join us for that but collin has all the sports. baseball to talk by. let's talk giants. that's a good deal tonight. since returning to the giants starting line up following 10 week injury absence barry zito bringsing it in two stavrments just 2 earned runs allowed and
9:55 pm
keeping going tonight. would rest with wilson. closer handing out 1,000 junior giants kids brand new baseball gloves. pre-game. bottom 3. zito takes it to left. solo shot. third of the year. 1 nothing giants. zito deechlingt down goes in the fourth. giants out of the lead in the sixth. my fell scores. 2 nothing giants. only mistake that mud wick guy in the searchth but this is monster mash. 2-1 again. gives way to wilson in the 9th. double play ball is his friend and this will end it. 2-1 the final. giants able to split the 4 game series. zito the win. now to the sad news. dick williams who was manager of the a's led the franchise in the bay area first professional championship has passed away at the age of 82. williams managed in the major for 21
9:56 pm
seasons with 6 different clubs but he will be remembered here for what he did in 1972 and 1973. leading the a's back-to-back world series titl title. hall of famer. williams died at his home in las vegas. >> from somber to tragic. earlier tonight a's rangers game a fan fell to his death. it happened in the 2nd inning rangers outfielder josh hamilton retrieved then tossed the foul ball towards the stands. this fan caught the ball and plummeted and fell. the fan who is not identified was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> i mention josh hamilton the player who threw the ball into the stands. one can only immanuel how he feels tonight. hamilton starts highlight of the game which continued on. he had a 4 rbi night. single in the third brings home andrews for 2 nothing texas lead. 4 nothing rangers.
9:57 pm
young a solo homer off rich harden. hall and oakland down. complete game 4 hitter. 6 nothing the final in arlington. tragic there. >> this though is a great story. former l running back lynch making the presence felt off the field while nfl lock out continues. today he announced expansion of family foundation with plan being to open non-profit university center in hometown of oakland. lynch is joined in the venture by cousin johnson back up quarterback for the tampa bay bucks and jordon i just couldn't help myself. hi to ask off the wall football question. >> more memorable moment for you. your epic touch down run against the saints in the play off this year or 2006 memorial stadium you grab the cart and drive around. i have to go with neither one of them. i was in high school. silver bowl at the oak listened coliseum. i had 46 yard touch
9:58 pm
down that won the silver bowl game t.beat sky line. i have to go with that one. >>reporter: he won completely different direction on that answer. as for his cousin and former oakland johnson rumors swirling when the lock out ends he could find himself in a frainer yawn form. after all he played under coach harbaugh at the university of san diego. fichlt would you like to play for harbaugh again. >> captain really answer that question. i mean i'm from here. i play for him once. we had a lot of wins together. we have a good relationship together. pechbl if i him if if -- if kind of answers itself. >>reporter: to golf. paula cream wait until tomorrow to begin the title defense u.s. women open. thunderstorms postpone play. decent enough weather for the deer i suppose. 15 hole before calling it
9:59 pm
quits here. great approach on the par 4 6 if end up knocking in the putt from 5 feet. she's tied for the lead at 2 under par. pga tour john deere classic. next u.s. ryder cup captain love the third can still play. tee shot on par 3 7. pretty close. almost an ace. tap in birdie. he have underscore. further proof that i need to visit france one of these days. longest of the tour 141 miles of pain for american levi. along the rail down he guess. finish 91. if takes in the sprint to the finish. retains the yellow jersey. >> can't believe the poor fellow went to a ball game and didn't go home. thanks for watching. we appreciate your time as i hope you know and see you again in an hour on channel time as i hope you know and see you again in an hour on channel 7. goodbye

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